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Association for Promotion of Protection of Trade Secrets

Activities of APPTraS

1.Open seminars (open to members and non-members, free of charge for members)

 APPTraS aims to raise awareness of the Amended UCPA to domestic and foreign companies and to illustrate the trend in Japanese courts based on collection and analysis of court precedents. Participants will not only gain insight into best practice, but also practical methods for businesses to protect domestic trade secrets as well as foreign trade secrets that are shared in Japan. Topics will include:


 (1)Raising awareness of the legal system and policies against trade secrets infringement in Japan (seminars held in Japanese and English)

 (2)Promotional and educational activities regarding the collection, analysis and accumulation of court precedents and related information (seminars held in Japanese and English)

 (3)Research and analysis of "open and closed strategies" in business practice

 (4)Promotional and educational activities regarding research on cyber security practices for computerized trade secrets


 In addition, to accommodate the individual needs of members who participate in these open seminars, APPTraS will provide various services which will include proper management diagnosis, establishment of internal rules and policies, introduction of management measures and audits, human resource development, incident response, preservation of evidence and identification of attackers, and litigation support etc.*

                                      * Fees may apply for these services.



2.Closed membership sessions (open to members only)

 We will invite participants who are association members in these sessions, to focus on important and specific challenges and study the best practices of trade secrets protection for businesses.

Sample topics include:

 (1)Preparing template agreements for cooperation with foreign companies (e.g., joint development, joint ventures, outsourcing, overseas production, creation of global supply chains, etc.)

 (2)Developing practices in responding to litigation by US rights owners, as well as in filing litigations against Chinese and Korean infringers

 (3)Sharing cyber security information among IP-focused businesses

Studying strategies to spread trade secrets protection practices among small and medium size companies in light of the Amended UCPA, etc.



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